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Welcome to “The Trainers’ Guild”, a supportive community for trainers and staff development professionals seeking to share resources and information while furthering their own development as a training professional.

Welcome to the Train the Trainer!

This is the spot where trainers can come together, ask questions of one another, and share what they have been learning.

Today it is increasingly important to stay current, and build our skills as trainers. New technologies are emerging everyday. How can we incorporate them into our "trainers' toolbox", and use them effectively? Are there new and interesting activities we can use to bring interactivity into our events? This is the place to ask your questions and get some answers from those who know - other trainers!
This course is designed as a self-paced onilne tutorial. Students do have the ability to connect with past and present participants through a discussion board. We look forward to working with you!

This offering is an online discussion group and more, available only to those who are participating in the Networks for Training and Development, Inc. sponsored, "Supported Employment 101 course". (Some additional guests and supporters may also have access, per permission from the administrators.) This forum is designed to provide course participants easy access to fellow classmates, leaders and facilitators as well as a variety of great resources. It is also an important place to share ideas, discuss topics of interest, brainstorm solutions to common problems, provide links to interesting sites and videos or simply provide support to one another. We look forward to lively discussions and interaction!

This discussion board is for Employment Mentors to share documents, employment and training opportunities, useful websites and programs, and other ideas and resources.
This discussion board is for Networks' staff to share meeting notes, documents, and other ideas and resources.

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